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Search Engines Optimization

Search_EngineNow that you have a site, you need to let people know you're there. We can help with optimizing your site for search engines, paid positioning and provide you with up-to-the-minute statistics and tracking (Hosting only).
Clipper Web Development provides the following services:

SEO analysis of your business market
Analyze your industry and understand the goals you want to achieve in your online presence.

Extensive keyword research and analysis
Determine the most accurate keywords for your business and seamlessly integrate them throughout your site architecture.

HTML Meta updates
Analyze your website including html title, description and all other Meta data. Update your code to work efficiently with web crawlers.

Web optimization
Analyze your website usability and offer suggestions to improve your website's content and architecture (written report).

For more info about the benefits of SEO, check out our Top 5 Reasons To Use Search Engine Optimization White Paper!

You often need more than Search Engine Optimization services to achieve greater results than your competitors.
Clipper Web Development can provide you with a Strategy for Social Media Marketing, Online Public Relations
and Link-Building Initiatives.


Business Blog, Social Media, Press Releases and more

You often need more than Search Engine Optimization services to achieve greater results than your competitors. Clipper Web Development can provide you with a Strategy for Social Media Marketing, Online Public Relations and Link-Building Initiatives.

We can assist you with:

Business Blog Setup and Consultation

social_media_Blog_PR A Business Blog is a publicly available weblog where company spokespersons share their views. It is often used to announce new products and services. Business blogs can interact with a target market on a more personal level while building link credibility that can ultimately be tied back to the corporate site. Market research shows that most of the Fortune 500 companies have established weblogs.

Business blogs increase the amount of content available for both search engines and humans to consume. That translates into the potential for higher traffic, potential link-building opportunities and serves as a good reference point and industry archive. Businesses can blog to manage their reputation, build their brand, engage their customers, research the market and, of course, increase search engine optimization. Let the Clipper Web Development consulting team help you set up your blog. Our blog specialists will train you and create a plan for you to get closer to your target audience.

Social Media For Business

Social media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information. If your company's resources are limited, you can utilize our experience and best practices to drive your success. It's important to have a voice in the social media community. Our consulting teams provide top-quality recommendations and can help you to:

- Set up most social media pages
- Create and set up a social media group
- Advertise on social media

Submission to Industry-Specific Directories

Submission to industry-specific directories is an important step for a successful search engines strategy. The Yahoo! Directory is one of the largest web directories. We recommend that every business have a listing in the Yahoo! Directory. Yahoo fee: $299. We can also recommend a few other directory listings depending on your industry.

Landing Pages Optimization

Landing page optimization, also known as webpage optimization, is an online marketing process to make a specific webpage more relevant and engaging for your customers. Developing landing pages is critical to support your online marketing strategy. Our landing optimization consulting team can help you reach your goal from redesigning your webpage to A/B split testing steps. Studies have shown that over 80% of visitors will leave a landing page within 0-8 seconds if their attention is not captured immediately. We can put the relevant content where we know it will be read. Call for more information.

Pay Per Clicks/Adwords Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on search engines and online advertising networks in which advertisers pay when their ad is "clicked." Typically, advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their target audience. Although many PPC providers exist, we recommend and work with Google AdWord, since they are the largest network operators and they have implemented automated systems to guard against abusive clicks.

  • Google LogoStep 1: Understanding the goal and business objective.
  • Step 2: Analyzing the landing page and ensuring it has all the elements needed to convert the visitors to leads.
  • Step 3: Choosing the right keywords after researching the industry and utilizing data from a competitive analysis
    (if available by SEO consultant = Phase I - report)
  • Step 4: Developing proper ad copy to improve the overall quality score
  • Step 5: Optimizing ad variations (testing)
  • Step 6: Monitoring and reporting on progress of the campaign

We have Google certified Qualified Advertising Professionals in house to help you reach your goal.

Sometimes identifying effective keywords is not a simple process and requires research and testing. Using the wrong keywords might bring you undesired traffic and consume your PPC daily budget quickly, thereby missing potential clients. We offer consulting and account management services to help our clients with the complexity of building and managing their PPC accounts as well as provide assistance in conducting keywords research. Call for more information.

Traffic Measurement

Provide you with weekly/monthly reports of your website visitors, their demographics, what keywords they used, what pages they viewed plus more detailed information.

News and Articles Development and Distribution Strategy

Utilizing news and feature articles are great ways to market your products and services. They can also reinforce your online PR strategy by obtaining more inbound links. We can help you optimize the strength of your articles to conduct an organic search and submit them to articles directories. Search engines then can crawl naturally and efficiently to index your press releases.

White Papers

Originally, "White Paper" was an official publication of the national government. Today, white papers are powerful marketing tools that help to influence and generate leads. We can assist you in identifying the interests of readers and present the solutions that your company has to offer. Rates are based on client needs. Call for information.

Link-Building Consultation

Link building is the process of creating inbound links and have become one of the most important steps for any website in order to rank
on search engines. Link building helps in creating visibility, generating traffic from relevant sites and increasing conversion.
Rates are based on client needs. Call for more information.

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