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Template Service Rates
Web Site Design and Creation: A ONE-TIME FEE of $1599.00
Service encompasses all stages of development, including:

  • Initial Member Contact
  • Consultation/Q&A sessions with the design team
  • DNS/IIS Setup
  • E-mail Account Setup of your 5 free accounts
  • Site Development
    - business logo web optimization
    - ad copy and menu integration
    - assistance with creation of up to 10 unique pages
    - one supplied image per page (color correct, crop, resize)
  • Final Approval/Taking Site "Live"

Of course, the Clipper Web Development Group is well-equipped to provide fully customized websites for those businesses whose needs are beyond that of our Template Service offering. Such "out of scope" projects may include online credit card order processing, online reservation processing, flash/multimedia capabilities, search marketing, etc., which requires that the entire web site be taken out of the template automated system and custom-designed.

To discuss your company's needs or to obtain a quote on a fully customized website design, please call us at (866) 569-5100 for more information or use the form below.



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